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Anxiety & Mental Health Management through Mindset work & specialist techniques. 

Sick of being sick? Sick of having sick days & down days? Let Brighter Horizons help you live the life you deserve & desire!

Happiness through release!


About Us

Why was Brighter Horizons Born?

Brighter Horizons was created in amidst of a lot of uncertainty in the world, more and more people are suffering with mental health issues. I myself suffer with anxiety and depression due to my past experiences. I, however am no longer medicated for these, as I have learnt to deal with and cope with issues as they arise. 

For me personally I don't want to see school children anxious, and I mean 4, 5, 6 years old, not even senior school. It is our belief at Brighter Horizons that if you are taught coping techniques from the earliest point in school, then by adulthood nothing should faze you, or if it does you have the strategy there to help you.

We aim to work with bullies as well. This is because the person who is bullied usually gets the help or an attempt at help, well why not go to the route cause, the bully. There is usually a logical reason why they are bullying and if you can teach the bully to deal with it, face it and utilise techniques, the bullying should stop.

We aim to go into corporate businesses and high stress work environments to teach them coping strategies and get their number of sick days down, we will  ensure that every member of the team that takes part in our courses knows they are valued as a member of staff and without them the company is one cog short of a full working set up.

Brighter Horizons is here to help any one who has, is, or may suffer from mental health, be you 5, 55, 105 or older. We are here for you, to help you live the life you deserve and desire. 


Brighter Horizons Services

Abstract Horizon

Online Course

Learn at your own pace & go back over things at a later date

For the busy person, this is ideal. Once you are happy to start your journey, you will get your unique passcode to enter the site and learn at your own pace. This course will give you all the materials you need to take control of your own life. with life long access, you can come back as often as you need.

Proving very popular amongst those who are wanting to change but at their own pace and feel they want to take time over this. If you want a fast track course the one-to-one will be more up your street.

To book your place, call now!

Peaks Above Clouds

One to One Service

That personal touch for your journey

It may feel like you have a mountain to climb to gain the freedom you desire and deserve and you may not want to sit around and take time, if you want fast results in super fast time this is the course for your. Here at Brighter Horizons NE we can tailor make programs to an individual in our one to one sessions. A 6 to 8 step personalised program designed to get results happening fast. Life long plan and life long access to our online course with compliments of Brighter Horizons NE.

To book your fast track to turn your frown upside down, book a call now! 

Snowy Mountain Sunset

Schools Package

Let's get it right from day one

No one likes to see someone struggling, especially a young child. With Brighter Horizons programs, the children will learn techniques, that will not only help them today, but on into their teens, adulthood and beyond. We at Brighter Horizons believe that the future is with these children, so lets have a world full of love, understanding, and people who can cope with whatever life throws at them.

The teachable content that we provide is given over a two week period where we teach the entire school about mental health, signs of poor mental health in week one. We come back to them in week two, recap week one and then teach some invaluable techniques for now and in the future. 

Each child will get a copy of Brighter Horizons NE techniques booklet to take away at the end of week two and it is there so they can go through things they learnt in class whenever they need to.

If you want your students to shine in that confident light, Book now! 

Mountain Sunset

Corporate Packages

Get the mojo flow for your company

Does your business need a bit of fizz and sparkle adding back into the workspace, we can do that with this package.

We want our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Brighter Horizons NE. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best techniques to enable you to be the best, as well as top quality customer service.

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Pink Sea

Group calls

Accountability and affirmation

This is one of our most popular services available. It is free to any of our paid members (so if you are on the one-to-one service or the online course).

It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. monthly calls as a group (personal calls can be booked if necessary). We find sharing your experiences with like minded folk helps and makes people more comfortable to chat.

With this service, we ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with Brighter Horizons, you can trust that you’re in great hands.


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